All players are able to complete daily quests and earn rewards for them! Talk to the Quest Giver at spawn to start quests!


All quests are repeatable 24 hours after you complete it, they do not reset at a certain time. Players have up to 12 hours to complete quests, which is plenty of time to complete them. Rewards for quests usually consist of Money; the more difficult the quest, the more money you receive for completing it.

You can pick any quest from the Quest Giver and it will start! Difficulty is measured by the color, Grey being the easiest to Red being the most difficult.


Start Quests

You can manually start quests by running the following command:

/quest start <quest name>

The only thing is you don't know the difficulty of the quest but you can kind of judge that for yourself based on the type of mob the quest is for.

Cancel Quests

You can cancel quests at any time with no penalty by running the command:

/quest cancel <quest name>

Quest Progress

You can view the progress if a quest by running the following command:

/quest progress <quest name>