Player Particles

Baron has the ability to create particle effects around themselves! Make yourself look stylish!

Particle Structure

Particle effects consist of 2 things, the effect and the style. The effect can be smoke, lava drops, etc; The the style can be a halo, a vortex and much more!

You can even combine several effects together to make something spectacular with effect groups!

New Particles

To create a new effect you have to run the command

/pp add <effect> <style>


Purple Halo

/pp add witch halo

White Angel Wings

/pp add end_rod wings

Edit Particles

Edit Effect

You can go back and edit an effect of a particle. Maybe you want to use the Smoke effect opposed to the End Rod effect.

/pp edit <particle ID> effect <new effect>


/pp edit 1 effect smoke

Edit Style

Likewise, you can edit the style of a particle!

/pp edit <particle ID> style <new style>


/pp edit 1 style vortex

Remove Particles

If you aren't happy with a particle, you can get rid of it and start all over!

/pp remove <particle ID>


/pp remove 1

Particle Groups


You can group up several particles you created to make it into one single masterpiece!

Simply what you have to do is create several particles you like and while keeping all of them active. You run the following command to save them all into 1 group that you can come back later and apply at an instant; Kind of like a preset.

/pp group save <group name>


If you are not happy with a particle group, you can always remove it.

/pp group remove <group name>


You can also list all of your personal and pre-made particle groups!

/pp group list


If you have several particle groups you have made, got bored of it so you want to switch it up. You can change to any other group you have made with ease!

/pp group load <group name>

Particle GUI

If you don't want to bother with using a lot of commands, you also have the option to create your own particles, manage groups and presets with the Particle GUI. Simply open it using the command /pp.