Skill Trees

PUSCraft Pets offers 5 pet classes, Gatherer, Land/Sky Mount, Housecarl, Tank and Mage.

Pets grow stronger by leveling up, but as pets fight alongside you in battle, you must also remember to feed them!

Classes assigned to your pet are not permanent, making it possible to switch your pet to another class at any time!


Gatherers pick up items on the ground for the player and can also act as a portable storage!

Land/Sky Mount

Mounts are only used for travel and nothing else. The higher the level, the faster the mount will run and higher it will fly! Pets that can obviously fly (such as bats, bee's etc) can run and fly. Mounts that obviously can't fly can only run on land.


Housecarls are a melee class that fight up close and personal. They have a percentage chance to launch a stomp attack that sends mobs in the air. Housecarls also have a chance to reflect damage taken back to the attacker. If you are looking for a challenging pet to level up, this is the class for you!


Tanks are a passive support class that give you an absorb shield and intercept damage from you. Tanks have the highest HP of all pets and although they do not attack, they do nearly make you indestructible! The Tank is probably the best choice to use if you plan on fighting boss mobs or raids.


Mages are probably the strongest pet class as they are a ranged DPS, can burn/wither/lightning strike enemies and attack at a very quick rate. Although they are very strong against low level mobs, their power may dwindle the higher level mobs get. If you are looking for an easier pet to level up, this is the class for you!