Leveling up your pet can vary depending on class/skill tree chosen.

The basics of leveling and XP will be outline and then you will be provided with some pointers for leveling up your pet.


XP is given based on the type of mob difficulty. For example, killing a passive mob like a cow or chicken will grant very little XP where as killing a nether mob that fights back can grant much more.


  • Pets that take the kill of a targeted mob get 100% of the XP rewarded.

  • Pets that do not fight or do not get the final blow will only get 25% of the XP rewarded.

  • Each level requires more XP than the previous level. The total amount of XP a level 40 pet can get is ~3000, where as a level 20 is ~800. The method pets use to level up is identical to player leveling in Minecraft 1.8.



Mage is probably one of the easiest classes to level up and maintain. They are the best pet to have if you are just staring out.

Tier 1 Mages, because their projectile is llama spit, they are very inaccurate and for this they can be a bit more difficult to level up effectively.

Tier 2 Mages use arrows as a projectile which makes it much more accurate and very helpful with lower level mobs.

Recommended Tier: 2


Housecarl can be even more challenging due to low DPS and the need to fight up close making the Housecarl vulnerable to enemy damage.

Tier 1 & 2 Housecarls most likely require assistance fighting enemies to get XP, or if you wish to let the pet get 100% of the XP, constantly feed your Housecarl so they don't die so fast when fighting.

Tier 3+ Housecarls tend to be able to handle fighting mobs alone with little assistance but depending on the strength of the targeted mob, you may still need to at least feed your Housecarl while it fights.

Recommended Tier: 3


Tanks are not necessarily difficult to level up but they do take a long time as they do not fight at all. The best way to level up a Tank is to fight a very difficult mob such as the Dragon, Wither or Nether mob that way the pet still gets a sizeable amount of XP. Alternatively, you can level up your pet using a DPS class and then once your pet is max level, you can switch to Tank and enjoy the passive support.

Tier 1 Tanks give a fair amount of shielding but can be lost quite easily when the player fights stronger mobs. Because they intercept damage taken by the player(s), they are subject to die quicker.

Tier 2 Tanks give a much more balanced amount of shielding and are able to withstand large amounts of damage.

Recommended Tier: 2


Gatherers, like Tanks, require assistance leveling up as they do not fight and do not take damage. All Gatherers of any tier receive the same amount of inventory space and pickup range.

Recommended Tier: Any


Mounts of both types also require assistance leveling up. All Mounts of any tier receive the same amount of speed boost.

Recommended Tier: Any