1. No Hacking and Exploits
    This includes hacks like flying, kill aura, jesus, item duping and hacked clients in general.
    Client side performance or custom GUI mods like Badlion, OptiFine, Shaders, anything that is not hacking is fine.
    Please report all bugs and exploits to Owner "block_wiz" or "xLINUXMANx" (same person)

  2. No Spamming
    This includes spamming the same message multiple times or just saying nonsense in chat just to be a aloud mouth. If you and another player are just chatting quickly, we don't consider that spam, just consider starting a party chat or slow it down a bit.

  3. No Advertising
    Do not join and just spam/invite to your Youtube, Discord, Social Media, short links or another Server IP/Name.

  4. No X-Ray

  5. No asking for free ranks, items or special permissions
    Do not join and start asking if you can be a Mod or Admin. Mod applications will roll out and be announced in the official Discord of the server - PUSCraft Discord Server

Do not join and ask for free items nor attempt to trick an Owner/Mod/Admin into giving you free items. We're not stupid.

  1. No TP Traps and arbitrary killing of players

  2. No trashing the server
    Don't go around the Overworld, Nether or End blowing up things or destroying terrain for no reason.

  3. No TPS Lag Machines

  4. No excessive cursing
    You're not cool for cursing 5 times in the same sentence. If you are playing with friends, you can create your own party chat and keep your conversations private and can curse to each other all you want. Just keep it out of global chat.

  5. No Scamming
    Do not attempt to swindle players on Discord or the SMP for money and run off with it.

  6. No Ban Evasion
    Do not attempt to evade a ban by using an alternative account to log into the Discord or SMP. You will be discovered and banned again, its not worth it.

  7. No Account sharing
    Do not share your account with other people, especially if that account has a donor rank or perk.

  8. No arguing, lying or being a smart-ass towards staff
    Do not lie to staff and just be cool. if you are being questioned about something, just be calm and honest. Everything you do is logged and tracked so we know if you're lying or not.

  9. No Inappropriate Nicks, Usernames or Builds
    Self explanatory, unless it can make block_wiz laugh.

  10. No Illegal Activity
    This includes inappropriate interactions with minors through our Discord or SMP. Selling of IRL illegal substances through PUSCraft communication platforms. Discussing illegal topics unless they are constructive in nature.

  11. No Griefing
    Its not 2012 anymore, just leave other people's builds alone if they have not protected them just yet. Be nice. If something does not look naturally generated, just ask if it belongs to anyone. Staff can also help check who built it and how long ago. If a base of a player has been unclaimed and that player has not been on for longer than 90 days, staff will determine if its OK for you to loot the base. But DO NOT just trash it up or we will consider it breaking rule 7 and 16.

  12. No Harassment, Mobbing or Cancel Culture
    Outside the server the rules, PUSCraft highly supports freedom of speech. Being an American hosted server, you are free to your beliefs and opinions. But if you mob, harass or try to cancel someone only because they have different views than you. This is not tolerated one bit. Even if the other person's views or opinions are illegal, let staff handle that person.

  13. Do not spam staff

Do not flood staff with questions, requests and complaints. If its an issue with another player, you can use the /report <player> command to send us a report and staff will handle the request. If its a personal request related to item loss, rollbacks or any of the other rules, create a ticket in the Discord and add all of the requests/info in the ticket. Do not reach out to staff in DMs.

Rules are subject to change at any time