Chest Shop

Players can have their own fancy and cool Chest Shop! Just be sure to keep it in stock ;)

View and Search Player Shops

List all Shops

You can view a list of all shops on the server either owned by the server or by other players.

/chestshop list

From here you can toggle your shops and server/other player shops by clicking on the Eye of Ender.

You can then click on a shop chest and teleport to the shop.

Search for Shops

You can search for shops that sell a certain block of your choice instead of scrolling through the list of shops.

/chestshop search <block/item>

Buy, Sell and Info

To buy from a chest, you Right Click on the chest.

To sell to a chest, you Left Click on the chest.

To view all shop info, you Shift + Left Click on the chest.

Create, Delete and Edit

To create a shop

  1. Hold the item you want to sell in hand

  2. Point to look at the shop chest

  3. Run /chestshop create <buy price> <sell price>. Ex: /chestshop create 2 2

To disable selling, set the sell price to -1

To edit your shop

  1. Shift + Right Click on the chest.

  2. The menu that opens allows you to set:

    • Product

    • Buy Price

    • Sell Price

    • Item Amount

To delete your shop

  1. Shift + Right Click on the chest to open the edit menu.

  2. Click on the Delete button.


  1. Point to your shop chest.

  2. Run /chestshop remove