Auction House

You can sell items in the Auction House! Listings are displayed in our Discord so everyone knows!


To open the Auction House you simply run the command /ah and the following menu will open.


To buy items on the Auction House, after opening the main menu you see all the listings available from other players.

Hovering over a listing will show:

  1. The Seller.

  2. The price.

  3. The auction expiring time.

If you want to buy the item, simply click on the item and it will open the confirmation dialog.

To confirm the purchase, click on the Green area.

To cancel the purchase, click on the Red area.

After buying an item, reopen the main menu and click on the Enderchest to see items you have bought. Then simply click on the item you bought to claim it!


To sell an item on the Auction House, simply do the following:

  1. Hold the item/stack you want to sell

  2. Run the command /ah sell <price> <stack size>

Now your item will appear on the main menu of the Auction House and be listed in the discord under #auctionhouse.

When your listing gets sold in the Auction House, you will automatically have the money deposited into your Vault account. The item will also be removed from the Discord channel #auctionhouse.

Delisting and Expired Listings


If you want to remove a listing you posted, open the main Auction House window and either find your listing in the main window or click on the Sunflower icon.

Here you can click on the listing you want to remove and it will be instantly removed. If you searched for your listing on the main window, you will be prompted with the same menu as the Buy menu but the Green area will confirm the removal.

You can also click on the Green glass page on the bottom left to remove ALL listings.

Expired Items

If you have listings that expired, you can recover them by opening the main menu and clicking on the Chest at the bottom left corner.

And just like with delisting items, you can click on your expired item to recover it! As well, you can click on the Blue glass pane to recover all expired items.